Accident Odds

Accident odds, or accidental odds, is the term and general category that we use at AskTheOdds for all odds relating to some type of specific accident or incident. There are two major subcategories of accident odds: death odds and nature odds.

While it might sound morbid at first, the first main sub-category of accident odds is death odds, or dying odds. Death odds, as the term implies, is used to describe any type of odds relating to death and the chances of dying. Although this may sound slightly peculiar, these types of odds are actually very commonly requested so don’t feel like an oddball just for being curious! The most frequently asked death odds are generally: the odds of dying in a car crash, the odds of dying in a plane crash, and the odds of having a heart attack.

On the other hand, and on a slightly more positive note, the second major sub-category of accident odds is nature odds, or natural odds. Nature odds mainly consist of odds relating to natural accidents and incidents which occur as a result of nature, outside of the control of mankind. Examples of commonly asked nature odds are: the odds of being struck by lightning, the odds of an earthquake, the odds of being attacked by a shark, etc.

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